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About Clash Of Clans

CLASH OF CLANS (COC) is an extremely addictive game in which your goal is to build your base and train your army and then fight against other players. In order to expand your village and military potential, you will need gold resources and potions. Clash of Clans is an incredibly successful and addictive multiplatform game, as evidenced by over 500 million downloads on Adroid.

On our site you will find a number of private Clash of Clans servers, where you have access to various facilities such as:

  • the ability to upgrade all your buildings in a short period of time
  • unlimited amount of gold and gems
  • unlimited number of buildings and soldiers
  • increasing the level of your heroes
  • many others!
    Private servers also provide many interesting building mods (Dragon Tower, Queen Tower) and soldiers from similar games (e.g. Clash Royale).

On our site we provide access to trusted applications and working, up-to-date servers! Get involved in an amazing game and recommend it to your friends!

What is Nulls Clash?

Are you tired of playing the original COC? Then Nulls Clash 2021 is the best choice for you. It is a Clash of Clans Private Server that comes with unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems. And also, it is one of the CoC Mod APK which is freely available to download for android. Don’t you think, that it is amazing to max the town hall 13 five stars in just a few minutes?

Nulls Clash (or Clash of Null) is a clash of clans private server or coc mod apk (most sometimes call it also a hack, but I don’t think that’s a proper name). It comes with unlimited gems and easy-to-use cheats, so that you can build the base of your dreams and attack with your favorite army. Also, it ranks in the top three Clash of Clans Mod of 2021 along with Clash of Magic and Plenix Clash.

Additionally, it’s uptime is 99.99%. which means you can play day and night as long as you wish. It updates as soon as original Clash of Clans new updates come. It also comes with all the latest troops and defense, along with all Archer Queen’s and King’s skins. On top of that, in order to ease the gameplay, they implemented custom commands which will be listed later on this page.

Basic features

There are several features offered by Clash of Null. Take a look at them for a quick understanding:

  • Latest TH 13 Updates
  • Clan wars
  • Builder base
  • Challenges
  • self-attacking
  • Commands
  • PvP and PvE

Self-attacks are not available during CWL event!

What’s new in latest Nulls Clash

In the latest Nulls Clash, you can play with new skins, balance changes, new buildings and troops levels with Mega Minion!

New features:

  • All new skins from the July, August, September, and October Seasons
  • Super Troop as a Mega Minion
  • Troop Levels for Wizard, Giant, and P.E.K.K.A
  • Building Levels for Archer Tower, Hidden Tesla, and Army camps
  • Layout Editor

Initial values of resources and server status

These are the starting value of the resources in Nulls Clash (resources can easily be increased later by the use of commands) and the clash of clans private server status:

Resource Value
Gold 999,999,999
Elixir 999,999,999
Dark Elixir 999,999,999
Gems 999,999,999
Building Time Normal
Availability Android v4.0.3 or higher
Status Online
Version 13.576.7 Latest
Size 166 MB

Available in-game chat commands

Below is the list of Clash of Clans Mod in-game commands, which are executed by the use of chat:

Commands Functions
/help To get available list of commands
/asp Attack your own base
/cct Remove all spells and troops
/clean Reset your account
/crazyskins Enable/Disable King Skin for barbarians and Queen Skin for Archer
/full Upgrade all buildings on your current base to max level
/g Switch to Global Chat
/max Get maximum elixir, gold, and other resources
/premium  Activate Premium Code(How to buy?)
/sethero  Set hero level
/status  Show server status
/th  Upgrade Town Hall of your village to a specified level

Premium Codes for Nulls Clash

Important Update – Right now, Nulls Clash does not provide premium code as they think it was not a good way to monetize, which means YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY NULLS PREMIUM CODE NOW!

For curious people, premium codes offered addition of +2750 cups, option to make your own commands and longer shield timers. Average cost of this code was equal to $1.5.

Download Nulls Clash 2021 for free

Android Device Requirement: To install and run Clash of Clans mod, you need Android version 4.0.3 or above.
PC Device Requirement: In order to play on a computer, download the latest Bluestack program.

Now you don’t need a rooted device to play Null’s Clash or any other Clash of Clans Private Server. Play on any Android device free of cost. If you want to play on iPhone – check this article.

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