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Clash of Souls - Clash of Clans Servers

Here we come with another awesome mod of Clash Of Clans or we can say Clash of Clans Private Server or CoC Private Server. Today we are talking about CoC Server formerly known as Clash of Souls. It is one of the oldest private servers I know, since I started playing Clash of Clans. It is also used to make CoC YouTube Videos like “1000 Golem vs 1000 X-Bow” or “Barbarian King vs Archer King” (if you seen any of them – comment below!). In this post, we will show you how to download CoC Server S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 and provide lots of valuable information about this mod. 

To simply download the server, just scroll down to Download section below. In the article, you will also see walk-through some of the in-game features and get knowledge on how to quickly access commands without typing anything in chat.

What is Clash of Souls (aka CoC Server)?

COC Server is a Clash Of Clans Private Server or Hack of COC that is highly modded and comes in four variants S1, S2, S3, and S4. It comes with custom-made buildings, troops, and heroes. On these servers Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir are unlimited & auto increase. You can also join clans and start clan wars. This server is very stable like Nulls Clash and secures to play.

Features of Clash of Souls Server:

In this particular mode, players compete in building the most powerful army which will impress other players. They can also join clans to compete with other groups of players! 

  • Unlimited Resources: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems are Unlimited.
  • Commands: Commands are available to play at ease and play ‘vs’ games.
  • No Limit on Troops and Buildings: Build as many troops and buildings of your choice.
  • Custom Troops and Buildings: Contains troops of Clash Royale and custom-made buildings.
  • Magic Items and CoC Gold Pass: Unlimited Magic Items and Instant purchased Gold Pass.
  • Easy and secure download: You can easily download the .apk file from

News of CoC Server:

  1. Clash of Souls changed its name to CoCServer.
  2. CoC Server 4 (S4) is now CoCServer1 or S1.
  3. Commands in chats are no longer available but you can access them by news section.

Initial resources values and status

These are the starting value of the resources in Clash of Souls (resources can be easily increased later by use of commands) and the Clash of Clans private server status:

Resource Value
Gold 999,999,999
Elixir 999,999,999
Dark Elixir 999,999,999
Gems 999,999,999
Building Time 6 seconds
Availability Android v4.0.3 or higher
Status Online
Version 13.576.32 R4 Latest
Size 345 MB
How to use commands at Clash of Souls:

Commands are now available in the News/For You section of the game, which is the button on the left to the shop button.


List Of Commands Available:

  • Attack Generated Base: Attack a custom generated base
  • Attack My Base: Attack your own base
  • Maximize My Village: Upgrade all your buildings to the highest level allowed by your town hall.
  • Remove All Obstacles: Remove all obstacles in your village.
  • Maximize Troop/Spell Levels: Upgrade all your troops and spells to the maximum level.
  • Reset Troop/ Spell Levels: Reset the level of your troops and spells.
  • Maximize Hero Levels: Provide max hero level to the chosen heroes.
  • Remove Resources: Bring back normal resources quantity.
  • Add Magic Items: Add Magic stuff.
  • Remove Magic Items: Remove Magic stuff.
  • Add Medals: Add Trophies.
  • Unlock Gold Pass: Unlock your gold pass for free.

Download CoC Server apk for Android:

There are three Souls Servers available: S1/S2/S3 with slightly different features listed below. 

Clash of Souls Server 1 (fully modded)

This is modded server, where you can find custom made mods for buildings, troops, heroes, resources and others. You are able to buy all items without any limit!

Clash of Souls Server 2 (partially modded)

This server is basically exactly the same as Server 1, but you are able to buy all items up to a given limit!

Clash of Souls Server 3 (not modded)
 This server differs a lot, because it includes the same number of buildings as in the supercell’s server along wiht no mods for buildings, heroes or troops. 

Read how to download and install Clash of Clans Private Server on Android.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

You can find some popularly asked questions here!

Is Clash of Souls and Original Clash of Clans (CoC) are different?

Yes, the Clash of Clans mod is hosted by Private Companies whereas the original Clash of Clans Servers are hosted by Supercell Company. Secondly, it is a CoC private server, so it provides unlimited resources with many advanced features like custom buildings and troops whereas the original CoC has its own limits.

Is Clash of Souls safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to install and play. You are going to enjoy it.

How do I download Clash of Soul/CoC server?

Just open and select the server you are interested in. Then click the download button to download instantly.

Read More Frequently Asked Questions

Please comment down to inform us if you face any issue regarding the Clash of soul private server.