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Clash of Magic - Clash of Clans Servers

Are you tired of playing original Clash of Clans, gaining experience slowly and leveling your base in such a long time? If you are, we come with a great solution, which is latest Clash of Clans Private Server named Clash of Magic

It is surely one of the best CoC Private Servers available with its custom modded troops i.e. Clash Royale troops, Boom Beach buildings and troops. Obviously, resources available have no limits! Also, it is absolutely free to download and play for free on Android. I guarantee that you will definitely enjoy playing it.

What is Clash of Magic?

The most amazing and most modded server I have ever played is Clash of Magic. It is a modded Clash of Clans Private Server with unlimited resources i.e., gems, gold, elixir, and dark elixir. Its uptime is 99% and it is stable (which basically means no frequent updates needed). 

You can build as many buildings and troops using Magic Server S1 and S3, while Magic Server S2 and S4 are not modded but have unlimited resources to give feelings of original Clash of Clans as well as Private Server. Also, it ranks in the top 3 coc mods with Nulls Clash and Plenix Clash.

Clash of Magic Features

Below is the difference between Clash of Magic S1/S3 and S2/S4. Definitely, check them out before downloading server:-

Magic S1 & S3 Magic S2 & S4
Fully Modded Not Modded
Normal Building Count Normal Building Count
Latest Version Latest Version
All Commands All Commands
Unlock Super Troops Unlock Super Troops
Sceneries Sceneries

Initial resources values and status

These are the starting value of the resources in Clash of Magic (resources can be increased later by the easy use of commands) and the clash of clans private server status:

Resource Value
Gold 999,999,999
Elixir 999,999,999
Dark Elixir 999,999,999
Gems 999,999,999
Building Time 6 seconds
Availability Android v4.0.3 or higher
Status ? Online
Version 13.576.32 R4 Latest
Size 257 MB

Available in-game commands

Below is the list of available commands in Clash of Clans Magic Servers:-

Commands Functions
/attack me attack your own village
/attack generated attack a generated village
/attack generated OBJECT_ID attack a generated village with a specified base
/attack #PLAYER_TAG attack the specified player
/clear clear all obstacles
/upgrade upgrade to the max level allowed by TH
/remove remove all troops and spells
/castle fill the clan castle with troops
/diamonds add 1,000,000 diamonds
/boosters add magical items
/skins give all skins
/medals add 2500 medals
/pass unlocks the gold pass

Update: Commands are now available in the News/For You section of the game, which is the button on the left to the shop button.

Download Magic apk for Android:

There are four Magic servers available S1/S2/S3/S4. Make sure to select your server carefully, according to the features you prefer (modded and not modded servers).

Android Device Requirement: Android v 4.0.3 or above is required to run coc mod apk. If you want to play on a computer, just download the latest Bluestack and enjoy it.

Clash of Magic Server S1|S2|S3|S4 Download

  • S1 and S3 Modded
  • S2 and S4 Not Modded

Clash of Magic Server 1 (S1) – Modded 

Clash of Magic Server 2 (S2) – NOT Modded 

Clash of Magic Server 3 (S3) – Modded 

Clash of Magic Server 4 (S4) – NOT Modded 

Read how to download and install Clash of Clans Private Server on Android.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

You can find some popularly asked questions here!

Are Clash of Magic and Original Clash of Clans different?

Yes, the clash of clans mod is hosted by Private Companies whereas the original coc servers is hosted by Supercell Company. Secondly, it is a COC private server, so it provides unlimited resources with many advanced features like custom buildings and troops whereas the original coc has its own limits.

Is Clash of magic safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to install and play. You are going to enjoy it.

How do I download Clash of Magic?

Just open and select server. Then click the download button to download instantly.

Read More Frequently Asked Questions

Please comment down to inform us if you face any issue regarding the Clash of Magic Clash of clans private server.